I love Chuck and Blair so this is dedicated to them. :)

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Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester - Behind the scenes of their Ask Enquired 2009 shoot (x)

My gorgeous babies <3333333

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Repetition, Part Thirteen (Gossip Girl)


Title: Repetition

Part: Thirteen

Fandom: Gossip Girl

Rating: M

Ah, annual masquerade ball hosted by one Mister Charles Bass. Fear not, dear readers, recent nuptials have not changed the tone of this event. And those of you who think masks may hide identities and provide a certain amount of anonymity? Well, secrets always have a way of becoming unmasked.

The heart falls against the flushed skin of her chest, cooling and soothing her as his fingers fumble with the clasp. She reaches up to touch the heart, to fondle it between her fingers so as to draw strength from the physical reminder of how much he loves her. His fingers fall to touch her elbow, to hold her steady before his hand slides around her waist and his fingers stroke the soft skin of her belly.

She falls back against him and relishes in the feeling of soft circles being traces into her skin as her eyes flutter to mirror to meet his. She offers him a soft smile as she tilts her neck, affording him better access to the nape of her neck. He chuckles and groans appreciatively against her skin in response, and she offers him a teasing smirk.

“You’re incorrigible.”

“Me?” He questions as he raises his head and stares at the image of them reflected in the mirror. “I seem to recall that you were the one who pulled me upstairs after breakfast, who refused to let me out of our bed this morning.”

“Hush,” she admonishes but the smile on her lips gives her away, and he laughs as his lips press another kiss against her neck. As his fingers trail across her skin, slowly stroking before coming to press against the flat plane of her belly, and her eyes fly to meet his in the mirror, to search for any hint of recognition.

The knock against the door reminds them both of how they can no longer fight the start of their day, how Dorota is waiting to dress her mistress for the ball tonight. Chuck groans in his disapproval as Blair spins from his grasp, as she pulls on her dressing gown and bids for Dorota to enter.

The lady’s maid bustles into the room, averting her gaze but unable to fight the smile that graces her lips when Chuck kisses his bride and promises to find her tonight. Dorota busies herself with arranging Blair’s gown for the evening while she waits for the telltale click of the door signifying Chuck’s departure, for Blair to seat herself at her dressing table.

“Mister Chuck look very happy,” Dorota comments as she begins plaiting Blair’s long hair into a complicated arrangement. Blair hums her agreement at Dorota’s words, but she frowns when she catches the pointed look on Dorota’s face through the mirror. She shakes her head, unfurling the partially arrange hairstyle and causing Dorota to drop her hands in exasperation.

“Miss Blair, you tell Mister Chuck right now.”

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CB + happiness (1x01 » 6x10)

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“What is love?” You asked me one day, and I didn’t know the answer and you got sad. I struggled to find the meaning inside myself, until I could finally understand what love was, what love is, what we are. Well, then what is love? I still strive to find a rightful explanation, but not because I don’t know the answer. I can’t state what love is, because it’s too much. It’s everything and it’s nothing. It’s patience, consideration, devotion, loyalty… and the list goes on, but we can sum it up in one simple word. You. That’s what love is, and that’s what love will be. Two entwined souls, two hearts beating together. And you know you can’t live without your heart.

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Still my favorite GG blooper ever.